Thomas Alken 3 pers. garden bench with backrest – M11 Together – Nature | Buy the product online here

Bench with backrest J202 – Natural teak Together garden furniture in Danish design from FDB Furniture –

The terrace is furnished with sections for sunbathing, eating, relaxing and sheltering for rain and wind. It is almost like an outdoor apartment with different rooms. Inside it is the other way around. Here, the central rooms are put together in a large well-functioning residence.

Some time ago I wrote a post about making your own succulent plants. Now I have finally put this to work here at home, and so I just wanted to share the idea with you again. I do not know if any new plants will emerge from it, but of course that is what I hope for. D ….

Do you dream of an outdoor fireplace for your garden? Then you are not alone, the outdoor fireplace has simply become a sought after “furniture” because it provides a combination of utility and cosiness. If we go back only a few years in time, do-it-yourself packages at the building commodity trade were what was available to the garden owners. Now is …

sveitservilla winter garden – Search on Google

The snowmobiles have dared and gone here for a long time already..for we got a solid snowfall here tonight, and it should not stop at first …

Elven stone 60-120 + mm Large bag

Forms for the beds.


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